Return policy

1. Product exchange policy after purchase
Within 48 hours from the time of purchase, if the watch encounters technical errors in the machine as follows:

2. Innovation policy for products with less than 30% discount
Product renewal time is from 3-7 days from the date of purchase, based on the customer’s purchase invoice.

Returned products must be intact, complete with tags, accompanying accessories unused & confirmed by Thakral One authorized service center technician

Customers can change to another watch model with the same or higher price (no refund).

3.Renewal policy for preference products of 30% or more
Products with a discount equal to and greater than 30% or sold under a special price policy will not be exchanged when purchased as a gift.

Unless there is a manufacturer defect within 48 hours from the time of purchase (does not apply to defective wire and outer shell products).
In case the product has a defective leather strap that the brand cannot meet to replace, the customer will be able to choose a leather strap from the brands: Morellato