Shopping guide

Step 1: Choose the product you need to buy

Step 2: View the product and select Buy Now

Step 3: Add discount code (if any)

Go to “Cart”: add discount code (if any) and press “process to check out”

Step 4: Fill in personal information, address, time, delivery method, payment method and press “send order”

Step 5: When choosing a payment method: you can choose COD or 0% installment payment and press “submit order”

=> If you choose the installment payment method, please follow the instructions below: Installment payment instructions

=> If you choose COD payment: Pay on receipt. Note:
COD form is only applicable to customers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, for customers in other provinces, the COD form is only applicable for orders < 30 million, for orders > 30 million, please transfer the cost difference over 30 million of the product. .

Step 6: A successful order message will appear on the screen and an order confirmation email will be sent. So you have successfully placed your order and just wait for the order to be delivered.

Shipping policy

1. Shipping fee:

Customers get free shipping nationwide.

2. Order processing time:

3. Delivery time: