Payment term

1. Payment Methods:

Customers can select  forms of payment for their orders when buying products on website to pay:

1.1. Postpaid Payment Method: Pay for your order when the product is delivered:

2. Provisions on application of payment:

2.1. Postpaid Payment: 

Applicable to all  customers using acceptable methods of payment.

2.2. Archive information – pay for next purchase:

When the customer pays for the first time, they can create a login account that will be used for future purchases.  Once the login account is created, the customer information is stored and will be the default payment method for the next order.  The customer can choose to change this at any time for his convenience.

The default information required for ordering:

– Order information: Name, Mobile Number, Valid Address, Email Address.

– Consignee information: The default is the same as the recipient information of the previous successful order (customer can adjust if desired).

– The default payment method of the previous order (customers may optionally change their method of payment).

This website secures your information and will always be kept confidential at the website.  For all orders,  the customer can verify the details of each transaction before making a payment.